Shower Shield Catheter or PICC Line WaterProof Cover

Shower Safe with Shower Shield


Why Shower Shield?

Coverage You Can Count On:

Shower Shield reduces the rick of infections by keeping you dry while you shower, Shower shields works with catheters, PICC lines, wounds, shunts, and intravenous sites.  Why use tape and plastic when you can get the Coverage You Can Depend On with Shower Shield.

Increase Patient Comfort:

By allowing patients to shower you can make them feel more comfortable.

Save Time and Money With Shower Shield:

Shower Shield saves you time with our quick and easy application, save money by using a disposable Shower Shield Water Barrier and you will never have to mess with tape and plastic wrap again.


Great product for covering hip replacement surgical incision.  All patients should be sent home with this shield for showering or bathing.

order made on 05-06-2018

Better than the competition

Found this brand after several months of using a competing brand that goes by a similar name. The Shower Shield has several advantages over the other "...shield" product. The price is significantly less. The tape that exposes the adhesive is a continuous rectangular strip which makes it easier to remove as it is being applied. The adhesive seems to stick better especially over hair.

order made on 09/08/2017

How to apply your shower shield catheter cover