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Common Questions on Shower Shield Catheter Covers

Q - Is Shower Shield safe for sensitive skin?

A – Yes, all Shower Shield products contain no natural rubber latex, our adhesive is also non irritating.

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Q – Can I use my Shower Shield more than once?

A – No, Shower Shield is designed to stick to the skin only once. Discard the Shower Shield after each application. If you make a mistake during application, do not try to remove and reattach as this will not provide a strong seal.

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Q – Can I wear Shower Shield by itself?

A – Shower Shield is not designed or recommended to be the primary dressing, always wear a sterile dressing over your site under the Shower Shield.

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Q – Can I take a bath or go swimming?

A – No, Shower Shield is to be used only for showering, it is not meant to be submerged under water.

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Q – Will Shower Shield pull off my PICC Line or primary dressing?

A – No, When following directions, Shower Shield has a border of adhesive with the center being non adhesive, when applying make sure that the adhesive does not contact your primary dressing and is only adhered to your skin.

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Q – How do I correctly apply Shower Shield?

A – Please visit our directions page for proper application CLICK HERE