Shower Shield | Wound Shower Cover


Dialysis Care Online is a leading retailer of easy-to-use covers that act as effective water barriers. Our goal is to make it easy for our clients to keep their wounds, dressings and intravenous sites dry and clean. This non-latex adhesive layer can help you reduce the risk of infection from waterborne bacteria while bathing. Shower Shields are convenient to use and can be easily disposed off.

A remarkable elevation in clinical efficiency for inpatient care has been recorded with the efficient use of this innovative product. Shower Shields are perfect for use on peripheral lines, hickman catheters, ports, stomas, and pediatrics. We provide these water barriers in packs for weekly usage (7 Shower Shields). Our inventory covers multiple sizes to fulfill the varying needs of customers. You can choose the size that fully covers your PICC line, catheter site, or injury dressing.

Affordable Protection
Shower Shield is the most affordable adhesive water barrier on the market allowing you to shower safely for less. Our seamless adhesive provides superior protection and keeps your wound site or catheter dry while showering.

100% Coverage
Shower Shield has made it possible to prevent complications related to post-operative showers. With our products, patients can avoid accumulation of dirt and water without irritating the wound or disturbing the healing environment. We guarantee to provide you an effective waterproof barrier that you can count on.

Adjustable and adaptable
We are a leading provider of affordable water covers that can be used for covering diabetes devices, burns, scratches, and ulcers. These covers have an adjustable and adaptable nature. You can use them to facilitate healing, protecting your wounds and minimizing the risk of infections.

Why Shower Shield?
Shower Shield Catheters Covers were designed by medical professionals with patient safety in mind. These affordable, disposable and easy-to-use water barriers cover and protect open wounds, sterile dressings, PICC Lines, stomas, shunts, catheters, colostomies, and more.