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Shower Shield Catheter Cover Water Barrier

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Shower Shield helps you reduce the risk of infection from waterborne bacteria by keeping catheter sites and wound dressings dry while showering. Our convenient disposable Shower Shield is easier and more comfortable than other methods of covering the bandaged wounds or port site. Clinically proven effective in keeping water away from the covered wound area while showering.

Shower Shield is perfect for use on:
  • PICC Lines
  • Peripheral Lines
  • Ostomies
  • Hickman Catheters
  • Ports
  • Stomas
  • Pediatrics
Our Shower Shield water barriers are sold in one week packs (7 Shower Shields) or by the case (14 / 1 week packs of Shower Shield)

Shower Shield comes in multiple sizes to fit varying needs. Choose the size that works best to fully cover the PICC line, catheter site, ostomy bag, or injury dressing.

Shower Shield Moisture Barrier Features:
  • Shower Shield Moisture Barrier is a safe and economical moisture barrier
  • Provides a versatile way to protect wounds and medical devices from getting wet while showering
  • Shower shield shower cover consists of a polyurethane film with acrylic adhesive
  • Shower Shield is latex-free - safe for use on persons with latex allergies
  • Clinically proven effective in keeping water away from the covered area while showering
It is recommended that one should use the pad that most completely covers the dressing without allowing the adhesive to come in contact with the dressing
Shower Cover dressing protectors gives patients many new options for personal hygiene

Shower Shield is the safe, economical and versatile way to protect wounds and medical devices.
Safe: Provides a barrier between wounds, dressings and shunts and more to protect from potentially dangerous moisture
Economical: By eliminating multiple dressing changes, Shower Shield saves money
Versatile: Available in varied sizes, Shower Shield covers virtually any body site needing protection from water

Note: It should not come in direct contact with a wound. Always have a dressing over the wound when using Shower Shield

How to apply shower shield waterproof patch?