Shower Shield | Wound Shower Cover

Shower Shield 9in x 9in Central Venous Catheter Shower Cover (7 Pack)

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By protecting injury dressings and catheters with Shower Shield you reduce the risk of infection from waterborne bacteria and aid in a more effective injury recovery. Shower Shield is more convenient and comfortable than other methods of covering bandaged wounds and catheter, and requires fewer dressing changes, which helps make patients more comfortable and saves time and money. Shower Shield Catheter Covers comes in multiple sizes to fit varying needs. 

Use the pad that most completely covers the dressing without allowing the adhesive to come in contact with the dressing. (Shower Shield should always be used over a dressing; it should never come in contact with the wound itself.) This product consists of a polyurethane film with acrylic adhesive. Latex-free, it is safe for use on persons with latex allergies. It is clinically proven effective in keeping water away from the covered area while showering.


This 9"x9" Shower Shield Water Barrier is perfect for use with:
  • PICC Lines
  • Hickman Catheters
  • Ports
  • Stomas
  • Dialysis Lines
  • IJ Catheters
  • Tattoos

This Item Includes:
Seven (7) 9  x 9 Inch Shower Shield Water Barriers