5 Things to Not to Do if You Have a PICC Line

5 Things to Not to Do if You Have a PICC Line

Living with a PICC line on your upper arm can be overwhelming. You may struggle to manage your normal living tasks without complications and may be required to put in extra effort to maintain your PICC line. For many, it’s not a pleasant experience. However, with a few things in mind, you can enjoy your daily activities and have a comfortable time. 

Here are a few things you should not do if you have a PICC line:

Do not change your dressings, infection caps, etc. in the bathroom
Stream from a shower can create a wet environment under and around your PICC dressing, reducing the effectiveness of its adhesive. This is why it’s important not to change your dressing, securement device, disinfection cap in the bathroom right after a shower. Always, do it on a clean, flat surface, and if possible, use a waterproof PICC line cover to protect the dressing.

Do not touch the inner part of the catheter tip
Once you touch the inner part of the needleless connector or catheter tip, it will no longer be disinfected. And when you put the dressing back on the skin, it may increase the risk of infection. Even if you are wearing a glove, be extremely careful to avoid touching the catheter tip. Get assistance from your loved one with dressing if necessary.

Do not reuse the old cap
Old caps can be loose or disconnected, allowing air or bacteria to enter the catheter. Also, they may leak blood or fluid, causing complications. This is why it’s recommended not to use old caps and use a new, sterile cap after cleaning the end of the PICC line with an antiseptic swab.

Do not engage in activities with arm movement
When you have a PICC line, you may have to be careful when engaging in activities that involve arm movements. Doing this can increase the risk of PICC line dislocation, which may require immediate medical attention. 

Do not carry out tasks that involve water
To ensure that your PICC line stays safe and dry, you need to avoid every activity that involves water, from swimming to lawn watering to fishing to many others. However, you can enjoy these activities if you use a waterproof PICC line cover as it provides a shield against water and keeps it dry. 

Final note
If you or your loved one has a PICC line, always take care of it to have a comfortable time managing your tasks. If you want quality waterproof PICC line cover, we give you an affordable shield to keep your catheters, wounds dressings and PICC Lines clean and dry. Get in touch with us today.


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