Quick Tips to Make Your Travel Easy When You Have a PICC Line

Quick Tips to Make Your Travel Easy When You Have a PICC Line

While traveling is fun and thrilling for most, it can be exhausting and troublesome for those with a PICC line. You are required to pay the utmost attention to the PICC line to ensure that it stays in place and continues to do its job. Failure to do so can lead to a variety of health complications, which may pose a serious threat when traveling.

If you are preparing to travel with a PICC line, here are a few tips to make your journey safe and hassle-free:

Medical carry-on is allowed in planes
If you are traveling by plane, inform your TSA officers and airline stewardess about your medical condition that requires you to have a PICC line and medical carry-on when traveling. You may also ask them for assistance with your bag. In most cases, officers will lead you to the gate so that you don’t go through hassles. 

Make a list of medication and supplies
Preparing a medical carry-on bag takes time and should be done before you reach the airport. Figure out all the supplies you will need to travel comfortably and make a list. Generally, a medical carry-on bag for people with PICC lines includes extra PICC lines, Shower Shield Water Barrier, medication, IV bag, and other crucial supplies. You can even ask your medical doctor for essentials to include in a medical carry-on bag.

Start your fusion right before TSA checks
TSA officers are likely to treat you with respect and kindness if they see you with a PICC line and running IV pump. Although it’s a trick that many people may find absurd, it may work in your favor, helping you to gain assistance and skip the line. This can save you time and hassles during TSA security checks. 

You can board early
Usually, passengers are required to wait at the gate before they can board. However, those with a PICC line can board their flight early with passengers who require extra time to board by simply showing their PICC line and IV pump to check-in agents. 

Ask the stewardess to store your carry-on
A medical carry-on bag can be heavy because of the necessary supplies such as a Shower Shield water barrier, an IV bag, and others. However, you can always ask your stewardess or a passenger to put your luggage in your overhead compartment, saving yourself the trouble of lifting the luggage. 

Final Note
There’s no denying that traveling with a PICC line is troublesome; however, with a few things in mind, you can make it easy and hassle-free. If you want to save your PICC line from the water while taking a shower during your travel, we have the best quality Shower Shield Water Barrier that keeps PICC Lines clean and dry while bathing.


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