Five Tips for Home Wound Care to Recover Quickly and Safely

Five Tips for Home Wound Care to Recover Quickly and Safely

Minor wounds such as cuts, gashes, tears, etc. begin to heal quickly with little to no attention — all thanks to the body’s immune system. But major wounds, such as deep cuts, animal bites, or those that bleed excessively require immediate medical attention followed by proper home wound care. While medical attention as soon as the wound occurs sets the base for recovery, home wound care is where the recovery happens — and the level of care can either make or break the wound recovery process.

If you or your loved one got wounded, here’s a proper wound care guide to help you heal quickly and safely.

Wash your hands
Before you touch your wound, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly with an antibacterial soap to eliminate bacteria and other potentially infectious germs.

Keep the wound clean
No matter the severity of your wound, remember to keep your wound clean and dry for the first few days to promote healing. To keep water at bay, you may consider an aqua moisture guard such as Shower Shield water barrier whenever you carry activities that involve water.

Change the dressing
Your medical doctor may have advised you to change the wound dressing when necessary and never to keep the wound open, as open wounds are more susceptible to infections. Make sure to use a sterile bandage to cover it after cleaning.

Use a shower cover
Often, people pay little to no attention to their wound dressing when taking a shower. As a result, water enters the dressing — damaging the dressing and increasing the risk of infection. Exposure to water is also known to slow down the wound recovery process. To prevent this, use an aqua shower guard to keep water at bay while taking a shower.

Eat Healthy and sleep well
Your body heals at its best when supported by a healthy diet and good sleep. To boost your wound recovery, be sure to eat foods rich in protein, carbs, and other essential nutrients and sleep for at least 7-8 hours.

Wound care at home may seem stressful, but if you know what you need to do, it’s simple and less stressful.

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