If You Or A Loved One Experiences A Physical Wound, Stay Clear of These Wound Care Myths

If You Or A Loved One Experiences A Physical Wound, Stay Clear of These Wound Care Myths

A wound is something that every human experiences in his/her lifetime. Some may hurt themselves more often than others while playing sports or engaging in activities that make them more prone to injuries to the living tissue. Some just experience fewer wounds in their lives. It doesn’t matter which group you belong to, the truth is that every human being experiences some sort of physical wound in their lifetime.

You can heal the wound quickly if you seek the right treatment and follow all the right steps. There are certain myths about treating wounds or wounds in general. It is important for everyone to not get caught up in such false claims. To help you stay clear of such myths, we have listed down some. Let’s take a look at them.

Using Alcohol On Wounds

Rubbing alcohol is famous all around the world for being an antiseptic. A lot of people think that it is perfectly alright to use it on their wounds. But the reality is that rubbing alcohol will not heal your wound. Applying it on your wound will only make it worse and even burn your skin. So instead of buying products that contain alcohol in them, go for those products that have antiseptic agents such as polyhexanide.

Butter Is Good For Wounds

We don’t know how this myth got started but there are people out there who think applying butter on burn wounds is helpful. While cool water will certainly help with your burn wounds, what definitely won’t and make your burn wounds even worse is applying butter or any greasy substance as such things will trap heat on your skin, which needless to say, will cause even more harm to the skin.

No Need To Treat Small Wounds

Some wounds are quite small and barely noticeable. So, people think that such wounds do not really require any sort of treatment and will heal on their own. This is not the case. Your wound may be small but the truth is that bacteria can make their way through the smallest of wounds. That is why it is important that you treat every wound regardless of its size so that the risk of infection can be avoided.

Air Is Good For Wounds

We all have heard from people that if you allow a wound to breathe for some time by exposing it to air, it will recover quite quickly. But experts warn that doing this can lead to a dry environment that causes cells to break down. So it is better to cover a wound with a bandage as that helps in blood vessels healing quicker and cells to go down a lot of faster that are responsible for inflammation. It is vital to keep your wound dressings dry, which you can easily do with the help of a waterproof wound protector such as the Shower Shield.

So if you want your wound to heal quickly and safely, follow the steps prescribed by physicians and doctors. Do not use the aforementioned wound care myths at all. And since it is important to keep wounds dry and away from water to prevent the risk of infection, make use of our Shower Shield wound protector.


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