How to Care for Your Child After a PICC Insertion?

How to Care for Your Child After a PICC Insertion?

Is your child about to get a PICC insertion soon? He or she will be wearing a waterproof PICC line protector for some time. Ensure that the PICC line protector is of high quality. Apart from that, there are a few other things you need to take note of for properly caring for him/her after the procedure. Here’s what you should know:

  1. Hospital discharge

The period for which your child will be required to stay in the hospital will depend on why the PICC insertion was needed and how he or she feels post it. The doctor may give you the green signal to take your child home the same day but be prepared for a couple of days of a hospital visit if additional treatment is to be performed. 

  1. Dressings required

A clear bandage will be used to cover the part of the skin from where the PICC is coming out. It needs to be put in such a way that the area remains clean and hygienic. Slight pain in the area is common after the procedure, but if your child experiences pain after being discharged, consult your doctor immediately. Use a waterproof PICC line protector every time your child needs to take a shower to prevent infections. 

  1. Dealing with PICC complications

Some PICC line-related complications you may have to deal with are- breakage of PICC, falling out of PICC, and loosening of the dressing. In each case, you must ensure that your hands are clean before touching the PICC.

  • Breakage- When your child is being discharged from the hospital, you will be provided with a PICC Emergency Kit. You will be acquainted with the how and what of the same. Don’t panic in case the PICC breaks. Use the padded clamp to secure the PICC; if a clamp is not available, just tape the line together after bending it over. Stop the infusion, if any, and clean the area using an alcohol swab. Take a clean gauze, keep it under the area where the PICC broke, and tape the PICC to it. Now, the gauze needs to be wrapped around the catheter. The gauze roll will be taped to the arm. Finally, visit the hospital, and don’t forget to carry the broken line for size requirement.
  • Falling out of PICC- Apply pressure for 10 to 15 minutes for stopping the bleeding. Clean the exit area of the catheter; follow with the application of a bandage. The entry site may have bruising or swelling, so do check it. Call your doctor for further assistance.
  • Loose dressing- Reinforce the dressing with tape if it comes loose. In certain cases, it may come off. A clean dressing will be needed to secure the PICC line. If you know how to change the dressing through ANTT, do it. Otherwise, call a home-care nurse. 

An essential part of taking care of your child while he/she has a PICC line is to ensure it remains dry at all times. Buy premium waterproof PICC line protector from Shower Shield.

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