If Your Wound Show These Signs, You Need Medical Attention

If Your Wound Show These Signs, You Need Medical Attention

Minor scrapes and cuts are a part and parcel of life, and people often ignore them. But even a simple wound can turn into something serious if left untreated. If you want a wound to heal quickly, you must keep little things in mind, from cleaning the wound properly to using a Shower Shield catheter cover if required.

A common question related to wound-healing is “What are the tell-tale signs that a wound has developed an infection that needs urgent medical attention?”

Are there particles stuck in your skin?

Depending on how you got the scrape, there is a possibility of small particles being stuck in the wound. Removing those particles while cleaning the affected area is of utmost importance. Otherwise, you will have a septic wound that will invite infection.

If you are cleaning the wound at home and feel you will have to dig at the affected area’s skin to get rid of the minute particles, go to a doctor instead. Having a wound thoroughly cleaned by a medical professional is best.

Did a rusty metal cause your cut?

A deep cut always requires medical attention, more so if the cut was caused by a rusty metal surface, as the chances of developing an infection are higher. Treating such cuts at home is not recommended. You may need stitches and additional medical care.

Are you experiencing pain in the area?

Cuts and scrapes are bound to hurt. But it is a sign of worry when the pain intensifies rather than improving or persists even after a few days. Schedule an appointment with your doctor immediately in such situations as there is a possibility of an infection.

Do you notice redness lingering around the affected area?

There is nothing alarming with experiencing some pain and redness around the scrape or cut. Redness around the wound is generally a sign of healing, but if the color persists or spreads, you need to see a doctor.

Is the pus green or really smelly?

If you develop pus in the affected area, you need to watch out for two things: odor and color. Green, foul-smelling pus is a warning sign of an infected cut or scrape. You need to seek medical attention without delay.

A yellow-ish substance around the wound is okay. That is the granulation tissue that develops as the wound heals.

Have you been feeling ill generally?

The signs of skin infection are not always limited to the skin. With the spread of infection, a stronger counter-attack is mounted by the body, and nausea and feeling feverish are systemic symptoms that you may experience. So, if you feel ill after getting a cut or scrape, there are chances of an infected wound. Visit a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Proper wound treatment is needed to prevent serious health complications. If untreated, some wounds may cause systemic or advanced infections, tissue loss and may even put you at the risk of limb amputation.

A vital step in wound-healing is keeping the wound dressing dry. Shower Shield catheter cover allows you to do that easily. It is an easy-to-use, effective water barrier that keeps the affected area clean and dry.

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