Ostomy Shower Cover 101: What You Need To Know

Ostomy Shower Cover 101: What You Need To Know

Various accessories can be used to protect an ostomy bag. Generally, all the ostomy appliances are waterproof; however, if you’re straight out of surgery, you may have an incision wound or affected skin area that needs to have an extra layer of protection against moisture. A stoma shower cover is a great product to do that! Before you start exploring, here’s a quick rundown about shower guard for ostomy. 

What Is A Shower Cover?

Also known as the shower guard or shower apron, it is an accessory that enables you to keep water off of your ostomy wafer and bag. These are extremely useful for protecting fresh incision wounds that you might have after the surgery. 

Benefit Of Shower Covers

  • Stoma shower guards are excellent to keep your ostomy appliance dry during showers.
  • Works effectively and efficiently than using other wraps on your appliance.
  • Protects the ostomy wafer from peeling due to water contact.
  • They cover the abdominal incision wounds adequately to prevent soap or water from entering them during a shower.
  • Showering becomes more effortless, and it speeds up the drying process after a shower. 

Possible Issues

  • May not keep your appliance completely dry.
  • Some products only cover the bag and not the other parts. 
  • If worn incorrectly, water may get in and soak your appliance in the shower cover. 

Tips For Using Shower Covers

Following are the tips to consider when using shower covers:

  1. Keep in mind that most shower covers are meant to be used during showers and not swimming.
  2. Before removing the stoma shower cover, dry around your appliance, or else you may end up getting your ostomy bag wet. 
  3. Be careful during hot showers, as the steam that comes up might get your wafer wet. 

Protecting The Skin Around The Stoma: General Methods

The skin around the stoma should look like the skin anywhere else on your abdomen. However, ostomy output can make this area sore or tender, which is why we have some methods you can apply to keep your skin healthy. 

  1. Incorporate a right-sized pouch and barrier opening. An opening smaller than required can cut or injure the stoma, may cause it to swell. On the contrary, if the gap is too large, it could cause skin irritation. In both cases, replace the pouch with one that fits well. 
  2. Be careful when handling the pouching system. Remove it only once a day. Only if required, change the pouching more than once. When removing the skin barrier, gently push your skin away rather than pulling the barrier away.
  3. Changing the pouch is also necessary to avoid skin irritation and leaks. It is imperative to have a day-to-day schedule for changing it.
  4. Most importantly, clean the area around the stoma with water. Be extra cautious when doing so. You can also use the stoma shower cover while cleansing the skin around. Then, make sure the skin is dried completely before putting the pouch back. 


Stoma shower covers are incredible when it comes to protecting your ostomy bag and the skin around it. You’re going to use it every day so make sure you have the best quality shower guard in hand. Check out our shower guard and its features online, or get in touch with us for more information. 

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