Things To Keep In Mind When You or A Loved One Has A Hickman Catheter On

Things To Keep In Mind When You or A Loved One Has A Hickman Catheter On

It is okay if you are concerned how you’re going to care for your recently inserted Hickman catheter, which is a small, soft tube that is either catheterize in the neck or chest. Most patients, when they get catheterized, have the same concern as you. But the truth is, if you know what to do and what not do with a Hickman catheter on, then it is quite easy to care for it at home.

In this blog, we will share with you some safety tips so that your Hickman catheter stays intact and free from the risk of infection. Let’s take a look at those tips.

  • Always keep in mind to wash your hands first before touching the Hickman catheter. You can wash your hands with normal soap or use any alcohol based hand sanitizer.
  • Water should never make its way onto the dressing. We will advise you to keep the catheter lumens above your waist line. Needless to say, swimming or bathing is not advised with Hickman catheter in place. You can get waterproof wound protector such as the Shower Shield Catheter Cover. With this protector on, the insertion site will remain shielded from water and you can bath easily. Even with the protector on, try your best to keep water away from the insertion site.
  • Never try to pull your catheter, not even a little. Also, do not engage in activities that might damage or dislodge your Hickman catheter.
  • Never make the mistake of using pointy tools such as needles, scissors, or pins around the catheter.
  • When not in use, always keep the catheter clamped.

Apart from doing all the above-mentioned things, keep in mind that it is your own responsibility or your caregiver’s responsibility to properly care for the catheter and look for signs of trouble when at home. So, make sure every day you check the insertion site for any problems such as increased redness, discharge, pain, or swelling. Also check whether the catheter is moving in and out of the exit site. If you notice any of the aforesaid problems, get in touch with your treatment centre right away. To better protect your Hickman catheter against water, get our Shower Shield Catheter Cover.

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