Keeping your central line catheter sterile.

Keeping your central line catheter sterile is important to take care of your catheter keeping it clean and working. Showering while having a central line catheter can make it difficult to keep everything clean and sterile. Shower Shields help you by keeping away moisture that can lead to infection. Shower Shield also makes your prep time significantly faster with its pre-adhesive film that quickly and easily applies to most areas of the body.

Always keep your cleaning supplies free from areas that may be un-sterile. Germs can lead to infection of your site and a visit to the ER or Doctor.

Here are a few suggestions to keeping your central line catheter clean and free from infection between showers**.  

  1. Choose a comfortable and clean work area, a mirror may also be helpful.
  2. Clean and disinfect the entire work area using disinfectant wipes.
  3. Always thoroughly wash and dry your hands and use an alcohol-based hand rub before touching wounds, bandages, or catheter.
  4. Use only sterile supplies when cleaning your catheter. Once sterile supplies are open, if anything non-sterile touches them, they will have germs on them. Throw these supplies away.

**Shower Shield Barriers are non-sterile and should only be used once you have properly prepped and cleaned the area. They should never come in direct contact with areas that may be prone to infection without proper sterile dressings in-place.


*The following is given as helpful advice to assist with living with central line catheters and should not be used in place of medical instruction. Always consult with your doctor and never take these suggestions over the advice of a medical professional.


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