Showering with a Central Venous Catheter

Showering with a Central Venous Catheter

If you have a Central Venous Catheter, you know that showering can become difficult if not impossible. But, showering is possible and easy while your triple lumen catheter is in place by using a one-time-use waterproof cover by Shower Shield. 

The Shower Shield waterproof catheter cover goes over your existing Tegaderm dressing. Each time you shower, cover the existing Tegaderm CHG dressing completely with a new shower shield waterproof catheter cover to protect it from getting wet.

  • To put on the waterproof cover start with clean completely dry skin. Free of any oils or lotion. Peel off the white backing from top and sides. Place the top edge of adhesive above your existing dressing. Smooth it down over your dressing making sure not to crease any of the edges as this will allow water to enter. Do the same for the bottom part of your dressing, making sure that the bottom edge of the adhesive on the Shower Shield waterproof cover is below your existing dressing. Make sure all the lumens of your catheter are tucked into the waterproof cover and completely covered.
  • Do not let any of the adhesive on the Shower Shield catheter cover touch the Tegaderm dressing. It can lift your dressing when you remove the Shower Shield after showering.
  • Dry the waterproof cover and the area around it completely before removing it.
  • Avoid water from spraying directly onto waterproof cover. Shower should be warm not hot and limit shower to no longer than 15 minutes. This will help prevent the Shower Shield waterproof catheter cover from loosening or coming off.
  • If your dressing gets wet, change it immediately

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