Key Things Every Catheter User Should Know

Key Things Every Catheter User Should Know

Some people are not able to pass urine naturally, which makes emptying the bladder difficult for them. There can be different reasons for this problem, for instance, an underlying medical condition or an outcome of a surgery. Whatever be the reason, people with this type of problem can continue to live an independent lifestyle with the help of catheters. But, it is essential to use catheters correctly as improper usage can lead to infections from bacteria. In this blog, we will tell you some key things about catheter. Let’s get started.

Use A Proper Device To Hold Catheter

It is necessary to use a securement device to hold your catheter. Without it, you will experience trauma while using the catheter. Your doctor will tell you what securement device to use. Make sure you only use the device prescribed by your doctor. A securement device is needed to avoid inflammation and damage of urethra and meatus.

You Can Shower With A Catheter On

You can maintain your hygiene by taking a shower every day while using a catheter. Health care professionals advice patients to shower instead of taking a bath as a bath can increase your risk of contracting infections. While showering, we will recommend you to use Shower Shield Catheter Cover. With the help of this cover, you will be able to keep your catheter site completely dry while showering.

Cleaning A Catheter

It is essential to keep the catheter clean. If you’re using an indwelling catheter, make sure you clean at least once a day the area of the catheter that enters the body. While washing that area, keep a closed system by which the Leg Bag is disconnected only when it requires changing. Doing this will make sure any bacteria does not make its way inside the system. Handle your catheter only after cleaning your hands.

Swimming With A Catheter

We will advise you to consult with your doctor regarding playing any sports with a catheter on. You should use a catheter valve to reduce the risk of leakage and infection. This valve won’t be visible outside of your swimwear and is known for its amazing functionality.

It is not easy living with a catheter but you can make things simpler and more convenient for yourself by learning as much as you can about catheter usage from healthcare professionals and those who are already using it. Dialysis Online Care strives to make the lives of catheter users easy by providing top quality waterproof PICC Lines covers. Our covers are totally safe to use on not just PICC lines but peripheral lines, ostomies, stomas, ports, and of course, catheters.

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