Without Proper Wound Care, You Cannot Expect A Quick And Safe Recovery

Without Proper Wound Care, You Cannot Expect A Quick And Safe Recovery

Wound care is not a recent thing. There are evidences to prove that wound care has been around since the earliest civilizations. As a matter of fact, it is said that ancient Greeks were the first to place a great deal of importance on proper wound healing. Needless to say, wound care has advanced quite a lot since then and plays a critical role in proper recovery. In this blog, we will tell you in detail why wound care is essential for the recovery process. Let’s get started.

Basics of Wound Care

Wounds heal either through regeneration or scar formation. In regeneration, a damaged tissue is replaced by the same type of tissue, which proves effective in preserving the functionality of the area of our body that has been damaged or injured. In scar formation, the damaged tissue isn’t replaced by the same tissue. Instead, it is replaced by a fibrous scar tissue which lack the same properties as the original tissue.

Reasons Why Wound Care Is Required

Wound care helps avoid problems such as slow healing, scarring, and infections. Let’s take a look at these in detail.


It is important to keep the wound soft throughout the healing process. Doing this aids in reducing scars and stops hard scabs from forming. Your physician will recommend you to apply antibiotic ointments and use other treatment options in the early stages of the healing. Make sure you apply them so that the skin around your wound stays soft and pliable.

Quick Healing

We will advice you to never believe in myths associated with wound healing. One popular myth is wounds heal quickly if you leave them uncovered. That is not true as wounds actually heal quicker if you keep them covered throughout the healing process. In fact, the more your wound is covered, the less are the chances of infections.


If you do not take care of your wound dressings and bandages properly, risk of infections go up considerably. You should get your wound examined by a health professional at fixed intervals throughout its recovery stages so that it heals without any complications.

While doing the above-mentioned is essential, it is also necessary to keep in mind that your wound area should stay dry while showering. Otherwise, infection from waterborne diseases can cause all sorts of problems. To keep your wound completely dry while showering, you can buy our waterproof wound cover Shower Shield Water Barrier. It can be safely used on PICC lines, peripheral lines, ostomies, Hickman Catheters, ports, stomas, and pediatrics.

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