Wound Care Do's and Don'ts to Ensure Complete Healing

Wound Care Do's and Don'ts to Ensure Complete Healing

Wound healing is a lengthy process that requires a lot of care. While minor cuts can heal at home, significant injuries require a doctor’s attention. In addition to that, you need to handle it with utmost care. Using a wound cover for shower is one thing you can do, but that won’t be enough alone. You should know all the do’s and don’ts to ensure complete healing:


1) Control your blood sugar

The next thing to do is keep an eye on your blood sugar level and not let it exceed 140. Because if it is greater than 140, it will only delay healing. So, plan your diet carefully and make sure that your glucose level doesn’t get too high.

2) Avoid getting your wound wet

Getting your wound wet during the shower is the worst you could do to hamper the recovery process. So, you should use a wound cover for shower every time until your wound is completely healed. You can look for shower shields online, place an order, and get them delivered to your doorstep.

3) Increase your protein intake

While cutting glucose from your diet helps expedite the recovery, lack of protein may hamper it. So, you should make sure to ensure this essential nutrient is in your diet. Protein is responsible for growth in your body, and it also promotes healing.

4) Quit smoking

Wound or no wound, smoking is always a thing to quit. And with an injury, you should do it without thinking twice. If you cannot leave it, you can still stop or reduce it for a few days (until your wound gets healed). Smoking causes clamping down of your blood vessels and starves the injury of oxygen, slowing down the repair process. So, stop purchasing cigarettes for the next few days.

5) Stay in touch with your doctor

Your doctor knows what’s best for you and your wound. So, you should make sure to stay in touch with your doctor and follow all the instructions.


    1) Don't use plain soap

    Using plain soap, alcohol, or other cleaning agents may worsen the situation. So, you should use distilled water to clean your water or use a soap prescribed by your doctor.

    2) Don't get on your wound

    Keeping the body part with a wound active is never a good idea. Try to get off the injury as much as possible to give it some rest.

    3) Don't expose it to the external environment

    Dust, dirt, and pollution will do no good to your wound. So, make sure not to expose it to the external environment.

      The bottom line

      Wound healing is not just about cleansing it daily. You should be careful about anything that can cause infection and become a hindrance in the process. It is always good to use a shower shield, but there’s more to do. The above tips will help ensure expedited healing of your wound.

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